• TiVo wins MobiTV auction with $18.5M bid

  • MOBITV is a Streaming TV Platform Enabling App-Based Pay TV Services for Broadband & Wireless Operators

    Fully Customizable Live and On-Demand TV. App-Based. End to End. Secure and Compliant.
  • How the Online Video Industry Can Prepare for 5G and Win Viewers

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    Cheddar TV Interview: Raising $50 Million for Streaming Pay TV

    Watch Charlie Nooney, MobiTV CEO, interview on Cheddar TV shedding insights on a recent funding round and plans for streaming pay TV.
Move away from outdated tech

Leading The Transition

MOBITV is a customizable, cloud-enabled, end-to-end streaming video solution to enable operators to launch a fully branded, fully compliant, full-featured pay TV service in 90 days leveraging devices such as Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. A full cable lineup with local channels, DVR, recommendations, DAI and more… all with the same ease as signing up for and using top streaming services.

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Are We Right for You?

Our turn-key solution’s cost effective, pay-as-you-go model enables any operator to succeed in today’s pay TV market. Whether you want to retire outdated technology, startup a new TV service, or extend your TV footprint as you invest in your IP strategy, MOBITV is the perfect solution.

Managed Service
Use MOBITV's centralized infrastructure
In Network
Leverage your existing infrastructure

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User Experience

Simplicity of Use

Powerful, cinematic, content-centric approach to discovering your favorite shows, movies and sports.


Recommendations, favorites, watch history, personalized notifications for individual profiles on a single account.

Voice Control

Everything from “Alexa, play ESPN” to “Hey Google, show me drama movies I can watch with my kids”


4K-capable, fast channel change, pause and thumbnail seek across all device and network conditions per provider rights and FCC rules.

Network DVR

Efficient, full-featured recordings at the program and series level. Both personal and shared copy are supported.

Universal Discovery

Search, recommendations, and advanced filtering against the largest unified catalog in the world.

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End to End Platform

Fueled by frequent qualitative user research, quantitative data analysis and A/B testing and your feedback, the MOBITV solution is the result of years of fine tuning to deliver highly flexible, performant APIs to power an extensive suite of apps across the most popular platforms.


Continuous Innovation

MOBITV’s apps are updated every 6 weeks with new features to keep your service fresh and marketable.

Operator Support

24/7 NOC, comprehensive user guides, issue tracking, roadmap voting all accessible through a centralized tool.


Real time, accurate, relevant, accessible, comprehensible reporting across quality of service and user behavior metrics.

Rapid Launch

We integrate with your billing, authentication, in home checking and EAS systems, configure your policies and brand your apps within 90 days.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Vastly increase revenue using the most advanced ad technologies in the world to maximize CPMs and fulfillment rates.

Management Tools

Use our MUST tool suite to manage users, curate content with our PROMOTIZR tool, customer support, offers and content policies in addition to configuring in and out of engagement campaigns.

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Our Customers


”Shentel chose MobiTV because we’re doing a fiber-to-the-home-initiative…We looked at a variety of options and the Mobi team offered the best user experience, the best migration path. I think it’s economical for our shareholders and for our company; when you compare it to other hosted solutions, the numbers don’t work. The numbers for us, with a Mobi managed solution, were a far better option.”

Tom Whitaker: President of Fiber Operations | Shentel
Tom Whitaker: President of Fiber Operations | Shentel

”Mobi has done a very good job of working really closely with us. They’ve been a great partner over the number of months that we’ve worked with them, but then, more importantly, as we’ve gotten closer and closer to our own commercial launch, they’ve really collapsed around the issues that we saw and some of the comments from our customers and helped to solve those.”

Katie Espeseth: VP of New Products | EPB
Katie Espeseth: VP of New Products | EPB

”The Mobi group is fantastic to work with. They helped us out from day one in terms of shepherding us through the process, getting our stuff turned up, and I know, you know, turning up a new video solution can be very complicated. What I appreciate is that we walked through everything step by step. You got us to the point where we’re delivering video to our end users now, and every new app release brings something interesting and new and fresh with it. And what I like is that we have a partner that we can communicate with, that takes care of us, that makes it easy to be in this business.”

Brian Strunk: Director of Marketing | DirectLink
Brian Strunk: Director of Marketing | DirectLink

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